I call it a Success!

I find it fascinating, challenging, and just plain fun to create a project that could teach one many of the basic construction techniques in one project.

 My latest success project – I have designed simple bags that not only are practical and useful, they are completed in a short 3 hour Learn to Sew class.

  1. Beginners experience pinning, pressing, operating a sewing machine and serger, stitching seams, finishing seams, making pockets, topstitching and hemming all in one bag.
  2. Experienced sewers learn new sewing techniques and tricks and  break bad old habits.

Sewing a bag is stress free. It does not need to fit and it does not matter if you don’t sew straight. The bag is just a “practice exercise” that turns out well every time and is useful.
Once the bag is completed, there is still time to measure and determine everyone’s pattern size. Fabric types and fibers are discussed and the places to find them. Even shopping tips are given to help buy the right size retail clothing.

One Reply to “I call it a Success!”

  1. What fun to see all the focused faces learning this great skill! Budding artists and designers on the way! Sew wunderful!!! And it’s just plain fun.


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