Ode to the Sleeve, but that is just the icing on the cake.

I am really enjoying seeing the variety of sleeves being presented by Fashion designers for Fall/Winter 2019. And this is being carried through to sewing patterns for those of us who love to sew. As a DIY individual, we have the advantage of a custom fitted garment. This is usually available to those who can afford it. But as a DIY, a Sewer, you can be equipped with the knowledge to alter for a custom fit. 

Pattern Alterations – using your measurements, learn how the quickly alter your sewing patterns. Saturday Pattern Alteration Classes are offered throughout the year.

Our next pattern alterations Classes focuses on bottoms- jeans, pants and skirts. This Saturday, July 27, 2-4pm $45 covers the process using 1/4 scale patterns. The following Saturday, apply those alterations to full size patterns and test, cut out a muslin or wearable muslin to sew. 3rd class, continue to sew and check the fit. 

The next Pattern Alterations Classes will focus on the Upper Body Patterns. Practice on 1/4 and 1/2 scale patterns. Apply to full size patterns, test. 

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