Statement Coats

Statement coats are the latest quarantine obsession. Outdoor dining may be here to stay, or at least an option at many restaurants in the future.

So this is a great time to go Casual underneath and fancy on top. It changes your mindset. I love showing off my coats, it thrills me when I get compliments. 🤗 I feel like shouting out “Hello World” as I strut around.

If you want to be fashion-forward, consider sewing a pandemic statement coat. They are actually easier to sew than many blouses or dresses. The fabric usually does all the flirting allowing simple lines to make up the design.

A new in person “Sew a Statement Coat” class has been added to the Sewing and Design School. The class is available for men and women, with a large selection of suggested lined coat patterns.

This class is a great intro to tailoring with contemporary sewing techniques.

There are great fabrics available and I challenge you to be bold, use a fun print for your lining.

$ 230.00
January 30
February 13

Class size is limited to 5 students. Masks are required.

Go to the Calendar page at the Sewing and Design School’s website.

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