2019 Designer Inspirations

As I study the new fashions, I am inspired by the details, the colors and fabrics and the designs themselves. I may not be interested in wearing that design, but I may use one feature at a latter date in something I will sew.

Many Fashion Forecasters claim too many trends are “In.” And so many trends are basically repeats of former seasons with a new name. But then you will see the “gems” of fashion design. A new twist on an old design. A new introduction of fabric choices as our textiles become more innovative.

If you follow a number (8 or more) of prominent designers, the ones you like, you will see the trends. Or at least the trends you may like.

It’s upsetting for me to hear and read comments “I wouldn’t wear that” or I hate that color” or “I don’t’ like that.” I usually can find one thing I like about every garment. If not, I move on.

I want to post my Design Inspirations on my blog to return over and over to study them. I hope you enjoy them too.

One Reply to “2019 Designer Inspirations”

  1. I totally agree…finding something we find useful, and we appreciate was my grandmother’s credo, & still noted in her descendants!


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